Why choose Moneyjar

Customisable and Interactive

The Moneyjar platform is tailored to suit your exact needs. Make your investments fit your goals and not the other way around. You can add to, edit and withdraw your investments anytime.

Transparent and Ease of Use

Absolutely no ambiguity. Your dashboard displays each and every investment of yours, 24x7. Moneyjar gives you all the info straight and to-the-point, minus any sort of heavy-handed financial jargon.

Always by your side

Unlike others, we won't abandon you once you have invested. Our investment managers relentlessly monitor each portfolio and issue alerts to you whenever any of your investments need to be replaced or rebalanced. We have multiple touchpoints — phone, email, WhatsApp as well as walk-ins to our office, because we want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to being at your service!

Serious about Performance

Our reason of existence is simple — earn the most amount of money for you while taking the least amount of risk. Dont be fooled by our simple interface — we do some heavy lifting in the backend and pay great attention to detail to ensure that our recomendations are of the highest quality, bar none.


Safety of Money

Moneyjar is only an advisor and facilitator of investments. At no point does your money pass through our bank account. It goes directly into the pool account of the mutual funds, which is promoted by huge financial congloromerates like HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc. Your investments are in your name and you can even withdraw directly through the Mutual Fund House.

Security of the Moneyjar Platform

We hold the security of your money possibly more dearly than you do. We are fully aware of dealing with life-savings of our esteemed users. The Moneyjar website is fortified with enhanced bank grade EV SSL security. Transactions are done through BSEStar, which is operated by one of the largest stock exchanges in the country.

Investment strategy

Using a Nobel Prize winning model, Moneyjar wants to make sure your investments are made-to-order and suit your exact needs.

Portfolio Theory used to determine where and how much you need to invest

We tailor allocation based on YOUR particular specifications, namely, Time Horizon, Risk Level & Goal Type. Using the Modern Portfolio Theory, Moneyjar derives the ideal percentages to allocate and divide your money into different asset classes like debt and equity such that expected return is maximised for a given amount of risk. The jar you select and the inputs you provide influence our recommendations to you -  an Emergency Fund Jar will have more conservative investments than a Jar set up for Long Term General Wealth Creation.

We divide Equity and Debt into sub asset classes and put them on a Risk Return scale

The risk-reward balance and asset allocation are the two cornerstones of our investment selection strategy. By altering the debt and equity asset allocations, we try and maximize return for the amount of risk you can take. But that’s not all, equity and debt are further broken down into sub asset classes in order to further quantify risk and truly provide you an extremely customized and tailor-made jar. Two debt funds or two equity funds can differ substantially in the risk they take, we are here to decipher that for you.

We select the best funds in each category, to create a personalised jar for each of your goals

We then select best of class mutual funds from each sub asset class based on quantitative (Historical Return, Drawdown %, Credit Quality, Portfolio PE, AUM Size) and qualitative factors (Fund Manager, AMC Reputation, Fund Outlook, etc.) to form each personalized jar. Any good financial advisor will tell you that solely looking at historical returns is an extremely incorrect way to choose funds to invest in. Worry not, we got it covered!

We continuously monitor each of your jars to ensure that your goals are on track

We constantly monitor all mutual funds in the Moneyjar universe as well as user portfolios to ensure optimal fund selection and fulfilment of financial goals. If authorized by you, we rebalance and replace your investments as needed. This saves you the hassle of constantly monitoring your portfolio.

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